September 2015

Retail Cost Control Measures Which Make Sense

For retail managers keeping things in check is one of the major challenges of the job. However as a manager you need to be in total mastery of your space at all times, even if that seems impossible. Retail cost control is something that you and everyone on your team needs to be mindful of.

July 2015

Control Inventory Costs with the Right Software

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Managing inventory well is one of the most critical components to running a successful retail establishment. To assist you with retail cost control, there are a wide variety of software programs you can use to achieve this. Here’s a closer look at how retail point of sale software can help you manage your company’s inventory

April 2015

How to Control Costs for Food and Labor in Restaurants

Restaurant margins are known for being exceptionally thin. As such, figuring out how to keep your costs as low as possible is essential for staying in business. Food plays the biggest role with labor coming in second. With proper menu planning, employee training, and sales predictions, a restaurant can stay within their budget while still