July 2017

March 2016

  • Digital Menu Boards

Why We Love Digital Menu Boards (And You Should, Too!)

If you’ve been considering whether digital menu boards will benefit your business, the answer is, simply, yes. Why upgrade to a digital menu board? There are many reasons and here they are: reduced wait times, up-to-date information and an overall stronger menu presentation. #1 Reduced Wait Times For Your Customers Digital menus make it

July 2015

Misconceptions About Digital Menu Boards

If you’ve recently stepped foot into a major chain you have probably come face-to-face with a digital menu board. Digital menu boards are exactly what they sound like; they are digital screens that display a businesses’ menu, and they are gaining popularity and steam, specifically in the takeout and fast food industry. While they are

November 2014

5 Elements of Successful Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are a cost effective solution that allow you to keep your restaurant prices and promotions up to date. Creating and maintaining a digital menu board is a seemingly simply process. While it is not hard to learn the steps and keep the board up to date, there are a few critical elements

Top 6 Digital Signage Tips

Digital signage can be any form of electronic display, whether it’s being used as a menu in a restaurant or a streaming ticker in Times Square. There are plenty of uses for digital signs, from conveying information, to being used as marketing or promotional material. Digital signage should follow the same design principles used by