June 2016

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Software Tools to Help Manage your Grocery Store

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  Whether in charge of a small, individually-owned grocery store or one that is part of a larger chain, managing a grocery store successfully involves considerable responsibility. Grocery store owners and managers must ensure that the store runs smoothly, that items are priced competitively and that customers are satisfied. Having a thorough understanding of key concepts

February 2016

Prevent Employee Theft With a Point of Sale System

Employee theft is a very common problem in the retail and hospitality industries. It can take many forms (some more serious than others), but at the end of the day, they all negatively impact the business. There are many different types of theft including transaction, inventory, payroll and more. Many such occurrences happen as a

December 2015

4 Tips For Loss Prevention This Holiday Season

The holiday season is filled with lots of “mores”. More inventory, more customers and more sales. Understanding that managing these “mores” during the busy holiday season can be challenging. Whether you operate a bar, a grocery store, a restaurant, or a retail store, your establishment is especially vulnerable during the holiday season. Here are a few loss