November 2017

June 2017

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Instagram For Your Restaurant: All You Need To Know

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Depending on your target demographic, there are many potential customers you could reach using the new social media platforms. Instagram has quickly become one of the most influential social networks, especially when it comes to restaurants, cafés and coffee shops. While Facebook and Twitter remain king for social media marketing, Instagram should not be taking a

May 2015

Should Your Business Be Accepting Apple Pay?

In recent years, several companies have attempted to enter the mobile payment market. Google, Softcard and PayPal all staked claims in the market early on, but the market remained fragmented and simply didn't relieve enough discomfort and inconvenience for consumers to really catch on. Some experts argued that the space remained uncharted in large numbers

March 2015

Make The Most Of Your POS System With Social Media Integration

Should your business be on social media? Absolutely. For small business owners that are already pressed for time it can be hard to make social media a priority, but in today's digital age, you need to meet customers where they are. Some POS systems offer social media integration to make your day easier. A great example

January 2015

2015 Mobile Trends: Predictions On The Future Of Mobile Apps

Iteration, customer feedback, marketing, CRM (customer relationship management)—these are some of the things that help create the best apps. The need for truly effective mobile app experiences has never been greater. Mobile apps have become critical for both B2B and B2C. Yet, just because apps are now seen as essential to any digital strategy, it doesn’t mean we