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6 Tips to Protect Your POS Systems From a Data Breach

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In recent years, POS systems have become a point of emphasis for attackers looking to steal credit and debit card information. Last fall, cyber criminals reportedly used malware to compromise credit card information for approximately 56 million consumers who shop in Home Depot’s 2,000 U.S. and Canadian stores. The Department of Homeland Security's United States Computer Emergency

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October 2015

Zapper makes mobile payments easy

Mobile payments are coming in thick and fast. If you own a restaurant and are trying to find ways to speed up service and increase the turnover rate on tables, Zapper is the right choice. It’s a helpful and free app that restaurants and diners employ to speed up the check-paying process, and it is quite

September 2015

EMV Customer Experience at the Point of Sale

At the point of sale, there will be two main changes in the customer experience: instead of swiping the card, the customer will need to insert the card into the reader and the card will need to remain in the reader for the duration of the transaction. At first glance these changes may not seem

EMV Deadline Approaching, Get Your Business Ready

Few months ago we give you some introduction about the EMV technology. Now, the October deadline for EMV is fast approaching and businesses of every size need to be getting ready. The EMV liability shift occurs beginning Oct. 1 for banks, credit unions and merchants. Once the shift goes into effect, merchants who have not made

January 2015

Secure Payments: Protect Your Business, Plan Ahead For 2015

In the past months, EMV (integrated circuit cards a.k.a. “chipped” cards) technology adoption has managed to become a mainstream topic of conversation. A technology that has been in use throughout Europe for nearly a decade now brings the promise of better security practices to more consumers. Named after its original developers (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®),