May 2015

How Does a POS System Work?

A point of sale or POS system is used to conduct transactions, document sales, and keep tabs on inventory. Depending on the specific system, there are a wealth of other functions available to accommodate particular needs and preferences. Traditionally large companies, most notably retain chains, have used POS systems. In recent years, the systems have

April 2015

The advantages of a POS System for a location such as a restaurant or a department store are increasingly well known, but as the field develops it is becoming clear that it can be applied in many other circumstances as well. One of the foremost areas for this development is in hotel POS systems, and

March 2015

Four Benefits of Implementing a Fast Food POS

Point of Sale systems are growing in the retail and business sector. Not only do they make life easier for workers and customers, but they offer greater control over the day-to-day operations of a business. Fast Food POS systems, in particular are an important tool in ensuring the health and wellness of a fast food

Why Your Grocery Store Requires A Robust & Agile POS System

Your grocery POS system must be a partner that does more than just ring in sales. With the right tools, a robust POS system allows you to track inventory, manage payroll and increase the profitability of your business, all while decreasing service time. As you look to upgrade your grocery POS there are four vital

February 2015

Keeping Track of Employee Earnings the Easy Way

Your employees are undoubtedly already using a POS system. But is this system working well for you when it comes to recording what they take in versus what they dispense? In a lot of cases, bars lose tremendous amounts of money because their employees are either intentionally skimming off the top or because the same

September 2014

4 Reasons to Switch to a Restaurant POS System

Once upon a time, the restaurant business was run rather simply. Stacks of receipts and order sheets were collected and paperwork was done at a later date. Well, while this worked many years ago, times have changed. A restaurant owner or manager must know what is going on inside their business at all times, to ensure

4 Misconceptions About Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Point of sale systems have not just replaced cash registers. They do much more and are tremendous assets for any business. They give you real-time data at your fingertips, are secure with audit trails and even support differing tax rates for businesses that deal with multiple states. They result in speedier service, accurate inventories, better

July 2014

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Video Post: Chicago POS Systems, Your Complete, End-To-End Business Partner

Choosing the right point of sale system (POS) and/or digital video surveillance systems is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make these days, whether you're a restaurant, nightlife establishment, retail store, coffee shop, grocery store, deli or a liquor store. That's why Chicago POS Systems is more than just a POS and

June 2014

  • Retail POS

Video Post: The Right Retail POS System Can Make All The Difference

Whether you have one or multiple retail operations, Chicago POS Systems can ensure that the technology you use, especially your retail POS system, lives up to the quality of the products you offer. We are veterans at making sure your retail POS system is your ally when it comes to full integration of your operation,