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Software Tools to Help Manage your Grocery Store

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  Whether in charge of a small, individually-owned grocery store or one that is part of a larger chain, managing a grocery store successfully involves considerable responsibility. Grocery store owners and managers must ensure that the store runs smoothly, that items are priced competitively and that customers are satisfied. Having a thorough understanding of key concepts

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Top 5 things You Need To Know About IP Surveillance Systems

In just the last few years, the technology behind business surveillance systems has evolved toward being both more effective and easier to use. This very positive combinations means that, as a business owner, you can now keep an eye on your business at all times AND do so very easily and hassle-free. Whether you operate a

November 2015

6 Ways to Get More Holiday Shoppers Into Your Store

It’s that time of year again for merchants. Coming up to the holiday season can be one of the busiest times of the year for stores and you can’t leave anything to chance as it could mean losing out on a substantial amount of sales. It is essential to plan ahead and get yourself organised

September 2015

Retail Cost Control Measures Which Make Sense

For retail managers keeping things in check is one of the major challenges of the job. However as a manager you need to be in total mastery of your space at all times, even if that seems impossible. Retail cost control is something that you and everyone on your team needs to be mindful of.

August 2015

The Value of Technology in Retail Business

Because there can be a limited way for retailers to increase margins, the optimal way to grow margins is to reduce costs of the business itself. Identifying solutions to increase sales and cut costs can mean the difference between survival and bankruptcy. Retail technology has increased opportunity not only in how to reduce costs but

December 2014

Swarm Mobile: Analytics And Customer Engagement Platform For Retailers

Swarm Mobile is a geolocation-based analytics service that tracks retail shoppers and pushes personalized offers to their smartphone when they walk into a participating store. To make this happen, Swarm offers free WiFi inside its partner locations, usually advertised through in-store signage. If a customer jumps onto the WiFi, their browser opens up in a special