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  • Fast Food POS

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing A Fast Food POS System

There’s no doubt about it: fast food POS systems are evolving toward highly mobile, cloud-based technology. The big question for you remains. Do you adapt with changing markets? Or stick with processes with which you are familiar? Regardless of whether your fast and/or fresh casual food enterprise is new or an operation in need of an upgrade

November 2015

4 Ways a POS System Can Benefit Your Coffee Shop

There are many different reasons why a POS system is important. The chief reason for the system is to take orders and to calculate totals correctly. The new systems will help you to easily ring up every customer in line much faster than ever before.   These systems have the ability to do so much more

October 2015

What Makes a Grocery Store Successful?

Grocery store sizes range from mega-stores and chain supermarkets to small business community grocers. To properly run a grocery store, the manager or owner-operator must understand, monitor, and manage all business operations. Succeeding at operating a grocery store requires attention to detail, foresight and hands-on leadership. Identify departments Grocery store departments include meats and seafood,

July 2015

3 Ways a Hotel POS System Improves Operations

Point of sale systems have helped a wide variety of businesses improve operations, understand their customers better and to manage their establishments more effectively with an increased flow of information. If you run a hotel, you can understand how time consuming it is to keep up with tasks as well as monitor business operations; this