Ishida UNI-7

Starting with the color touchscreen, users can customize their display with their own color photos. Positive input response allows users to feel a tactile sensation and hear a beep when the screen or a button is pressed. A front-loading label cassette saves space and time for convenient change-outs. The Uni-7 also operates in several different languages and includes up to 2GB of expandable memory. Whether operated from a back room, poised on a deli counter, or suspended somewhere between, Ishida’s Uni-7 is a must for today’s modern retail settings.

With Touchscreen Color Operator Display and Custom Label Printer

Large color touchscreen and Front-load label cassettes.



The complete Uni-7 Series showcases models for every station type, each a completely workable scale base and printer, and each a variation on the same highly functional Uni-7 interface.Front and center is the Uni-7’s sleek titanium appearance and one-of-a-kind color touchscreen. Users can customize the display with their own unique product categories and PLUs. For the most lifelike experience, a tactile sensation and audible tone signals each press of a button.

But that’s just the beginning. Uni-7 is equipped with a quick-change, front-loading label cassette, and multilingual capability. Easily manage everything from frequent price changes to future meat and nutrition-labeling tasks. Innovation at its best, Ishida’s Uni-7 Series is the tool of choice for unifying work spaces everywhere.

Key Features

  • Large color touchscreen
  • Dual-range weighing (0-15 lb x 0.005 lb/15-30 lb x 0.01 lb)
  • Front-load label cassettes
  • Internal wireless communications
  • Ethernet communications
  • Up to 99 pages of speed keys
  • Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle
  • 18 tactile keys
  • 2 MB of memory
  • Color graphics on customer-side display
  • Self-serve mode/operation
  • 30+ selectable fixed bar code formats
  • Compatible with third-party communication software, including Invatron’s PLUM and ADC’s InterScale