Deli Scales

If your bottom line is weight, Chicago POS offers a complete line of Multi-use scale systems. Our solutions offer a range of feature sets. From easy loading labels and touch screens to customized programming and networking capabilities.

Touchscreen Color Operator and Customer Display

Uni-9’s compact design fits nicely on virtually any counter size, big or small and occupies very small footprint. One of Uni-9’s models can also have a wireless remote platform, thus allowing to work in a more flexible store layout.!



Easy to Configure

The PC-based technology together with a crystal-sharp LED display, provide more marketing capabillities such as video with sound and product pairing promotions. In addition, more behind-the-counter functions such as store intranet access through a browser, recipe look up, order entry and training videos reduce the need for additional PCs in all departments.

Key Features

  • Dual range weighing
  • PC-based scale operating system
  • Solid State Drive eliminates moving parts
  • Customer Display can play video
  • Wireless communication, 802.11 b/g
  • Intranet browsing capabilities for order entry, recipe lookup and more
  • Fully compliant with RoHS regulations
  • Compatible with third-party communication software
  • Latest barcodes format
  • Customizable Label Formats: 999
  • Label Printing: die-cut labels and/or continuous paper
  • Up to seven label Cassettes allow quick label changing or easy switching to different size labels
  • SD memory card slot