Digital Signage

Increase Sales, Increase Revenue, and Reduce Customers’ Perceived Wait Times

Increase Your Sales

The Strategy Institute, an independent, research based organization which monitors and communicates changes and trends in business, states that digital signage receives ten times the eye contact of static signage, boosts sales of new products advertised on in-store digital signage by 30-300%, increases revenue by more than 30% for profiled products, and reduces customers’ perceived wait times by 15% or more.

Clarity of decision making

Digital menu boards provide customers with rich and vibrant displays that are more eye-catching than static signage. Also, the digital aspect comes into play when clients with extensive menus/inventory require less wall ‘real estate’ to display what they are selling. This allows customers to be able to see all items and make an informed purchase decision, enhancing their experience.

Unified brand experience

With mobile and kiosk integration, digital signage provide a unified brand experience to the customer. Digital menu boards, mobile websites, and kiosk interfaces can be made to look the same. . The seamless integration between these mediums provides consistent messaging across multiple customer touch points and the brand doesn’t skip a beat with content changes.


With our digital signage menu boards you can experience immediate ROI by:

  • Removing the cost of repeated change out
  • Removing the cost of repeated printing, shipping static boards
  • Removing the cost of graphic development
  • Adding efficient methods to adhere to new regulations
  • Economical combination of software, hardware and support services
  • Animating menu item transitions / rotations helps you up-sell

Additional Benefits of Digital Signage:

  • Easy to read
  • Change out by time/weather/holiday
  • Attract 7 to 10 times more customer attention
  • Engages the audience
  • Entertainment to the customer – shorter perceived wait time
  • Modification(s) done on the fly – updated immediately

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The right digital signage will increase sales, help customers make an informed purchase decision, and create a unified brand experience.


How to Get the Most out of Digital Signage for your Business