No Single Point of Failure- NEC RSenCounter 4000 Point of Sale System stations are fully independent and intelligent standalone stations they do not depend on a backroom computer to operate. Because youdont have a PC server on site, you don’t need to staff network administration skills at each store. Youll never reboot and disrupt operations. When updates are needed, flash ROM technology providesnon-volatile software

Open System Architecture- NEC RSenCounter 4000 Point of Sale System stations and our kitchen video system communicate with each other on an industry standard Ethernet LAN. Peripherals such as printers, drive-thru order confirmation screens, pole displays, coin dispensers, scanners and modems use industry standard RS-232C connections.

The NEC 4000 Point of Sale System Hardware is designed for Hospitality – The low profile, space saving design integrates a 132-position keyboard and a 20-line operator screen into an intelligent and compact terminal. By connecting reliable traditional smart terminals to industry standard open system components, you can avoid many of the high hidden-costs of technology ownership.

Rock Solid Reliability – The proven technology used in the NEC RSenCounter 4000 Point of Sale System provides years of reliable service, with less disruption of service and lower maintenance costs than touch screen systems. The highest quality keyboard overlay seals the keyboard from spills and will always look as good as the day it was installed

Drive-Thru Function – Orders are automatically moved to the cashier station from the order taking station. Both stations view three orders simultaneously. You can change
the order at the cashier station, with changes reflected at the appropriate kitchen display. Multiple drive thru lanes are supported. Drive thru service time is displayed on each order and reported for the system. A separate tracking system for phone in orders can be used.

Soft Check – Eliminate the cost of custom printed guest checks. Each item of each check is maintained
in memory for editing or printing at any time. Service keys can be configured to finalize with or without check printing and checks can be printed with or without the programmable trailer message.

RSConnect – At your office, use the RSConnect scheduled polling application to poll a stores summary report information on individual register sales data, system log, and line by line transaction data for later data mining. The RSenCounter 4000 can hold 9 days of report information for later polling. Password protected RSConnect can also be used to write, change, and/or save NECRSenCounter 4000 Point of Sale System programs.