No Server, No Router, No Problem. Volante Software Can Do It All

Advanced Data Synchronization and Peer-to-Peer Technology Keeps Your Business Running

Fine dining, fast casual and quick service restaurants

all share the duty of delivering appetizing food and beverages to their customers. The modern restaurant industry functions in a highly-competitive environment as restaurants compete against one another to provide the best food, fastest service and unequalled experience for the first-time visitor or repeat customer. In this day and age, our Point of Sale System enterprise solutions provide the restaurant point of sale technology to maximize the customer experience, reduce waste and increase profits.


are noisy, fast-paced environments where people want to relax as they enjoy beverages, appetizers and music. Bar patrons expect immediate, flawless service in order to keep the mood upbeat. Our POS system provides superior operational capacity for handling the bar environment order fulfillment.  Replace your old, slow software systems with the modern, rapid response, real-time bar POS system to help the servers, bartenders to satisfy customer demand.

Coffee Shops

are a unique restaurant segment with high-volume traffic in the early morning for specialty beverages, baked goods and sandwiches. Breakfast rush requires an enticing menu, rapid service and higher staffing levels which all can be managed by Volanté’s coffee shop POS. The modern, high-traffic, coffee shop requires rapid adjustments to prices, menus and schedules to keep customers interested. Volante is the next generation of restaurant industry management POS system – helping businesses to be successful.

The next generation in POS software for schools, long-term care facilities, and corporate cafeterias.

Volanté Multi-Meal Point Of Sale System delivers operational reliability, flexibility, scalability and affordability second to none in the industry. An enterprise-wide solution, Mutli-Meal possesses incomparable operational capability, a comprehensive feature set, powerful reporting abilities and superior fail-safe redundancy and data synchronization management.

Stadiums & Convention Centers

Customers who come to your events at Stadiums & Convention Centers are a demanding bunch. Your ability to meet and exceed their demands will not only dictate your bottom line, but your very survival.

You don’t want to have long line ups. You’d like to be able to prompt up-selling and would like to have the ability to run unscheduled promotions during events to move slow moving items and to capitalize on ever changing marketing opportunities.

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