POS Software Overview

InfoTouch offers two retail POS software packages – Store Keeper POS™ and Store Manager™ ES . Both are designed from the ground up for use with touch screens and work in a wide variety of specialty retail markets. Both products runs under Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows Embedded for Point of Service.

For most single store retailers, Store Keeper POS™ is an amazingly affordable and robust product. Choose Store Manager™ ES for chain store customers, for customers that have custom vertical market requirements, and for customers who do not wish to process credit cards through Mercury Payment Systems.


POS Front End

The graphical user interface for both POS products is second to none and helps cashiers ring up items quickly and more accurately than keyboard-based peers. You can ring up items via four methods: scanning, UPC/SKU number entry, item button entry, and by description or a wildcard search. Full Customer Sales history is available at the POS, and unique transactions like Layaways, Quotes, Special Orders and Suspend/Resume are a standard part of this module. Integrated payment processing, including credit/debit/gift cards as well check verification and EBT, is a standard feature. Additional features include Gift Certificate tracking, incredibly easy cash draw reconciliation, integrated loyalty program, age verification, and the optional Appointment Book.


This module is the core of the POS application. The system updates quantities on hand for each inventory record in real-time. Additionally, each item can have a retail price plus 9 additional price levels and be sourced from up to 10 different vendors. You can maintain serialized inventory as well as a wide array of sophisticated pricing rules such as Quantity unit pricing, Fractional Quantities, Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Case Pricing, 50% Off after 10 Items, etc. Additional functionality includes Kit/Explosion sales and tracking, a printable Notes field, Substitution and Suggestive Selling, Alternate Keys, and Open to Buy for departmental budget tracking and reporting. Bar code label printing functionality is available to print UPC Price Labels, Shelf Tags, and Received Item Price labels. Our POS software also supports the sale of items by weight and multiple units of measure.



Customer Database

Sales history, integrated loyalty program, Accounts Receivable, frequent shopper pricing, and purchasing trends are available within this module. You can also customize categories to use for a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. The Accounts Receivable functionality can print detailed customer statements, and you can use the Reports section of this module to print customer mailing labels based on shopping activity or inactivity. You can also use shopping patterns to generate email campaigns.

Purchase Orders

Integrated with the Inventory module, purchase orders can be created automatically using the Min/Max/Reorder quantities or sales history. Select vendors by using criteria such as a preferred or specific vendor, lowest cost or fastest delivery time. You can also use handheld devices for Receiving, Receiving by Exception, and Backordering inventory.


You have access to an enormous amount of detailed information with the 100+ reports that are standard with the system. Most reports have multiple search and sort criteria giving you maximum flexibility in analyzing your operations. All reports come with the option of viewing on screen, printing, or saving as an electronic file for export to other applications. In addition, the application comes with extensive documentation and integrated online help.


  • Intuitive touch screens, quicker training and less errors
  • Easy integration at the POS with scales for salad bars, delis and cafeterias
  • Age verification functions for tracking liquor and tobacco
  • Employee scheduling and full customer records.
  • Realtime inventory tracking for monitoring all products
  • Automatic purchase order generation
  • Book parties, classes, and employees for any time/service
  • Automatic text and email conformations for each booking
  • Set up automatically recurring appointments and review customer sales on screen while making a sale
  • Easy to use POS appointment book is expandable & flexible
  • Sophisticated multiple commission tracking
  • Complete customer history w/employee comments & notes
  • Merchant ID’s tied to each independent contractor
  • Detailed accounting and reporting capabilities directly depositing transactions into their accounts
  • Lottery Tracking / Standard and advanced age verification
  • Accounts receivable for wholesale customers and billing
  • Special order tracking, w/deposits and customer tracking
  • Go mobile and process any sale with wireless tablets
  • Customizable departments for any unique products sold
  • Complete integration with linked and price embedded bar
  • Chargeable hot buttons for daily specials and discounts code scales for custom made and in-house packed items
  • Over 100 management reports available
  • Intuitive touch screens, quicker training and less errors
  • Fractional Quantities, Buy 1 get 1 Free
  • Suggestive Selling: Complimentary products & replacement sales for customers by reviewing sales history on screen
  • Global Price Changes: Instantly change prices or schedule a price change for any products by vendor or brand