Built from the ground up with retail in mind

The iPad Point of Sale solution was build from ground up with retail in mind. The software platform works on sleek state of the art hardware that compliments your decor with the power and features that you would expect.Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs, Scanner Connections are just a few of the standard features that are part of a system to run your establishment.

The “Back End” allows managers and store owners to pull reports and inventory data with ease and on the fly. You can watch profit margins and inventory levels on the go without depending on a stationary server or device. You can be as mobile as you want to be-your Point of Sale System will keep up with you.


The iPad Point of Sale is the ideal solution for lowering costs and optimizing efficiency. Helping you to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies, our iPad Retail POS creates a memorable shopping experience certain to bring customers back for more.

Key Features for Retail:

  • Create new inventory items via barcode scan
  • Generate Purchase Orders directly from the POS
  • Matrix Inventory makes items quick and easy to find
  • Receiptless returns
  • Inventory management for up to the minute updates on what’s in stock
  • Employee scheduling: email schedules & receive color-coded confirmation when schedule is accepted
  • mobile POS for on the floor sales and inventory check
  • Loyalty programs to keep track of loyal customers & to draw new clientele

Other Benefits

  • Cloud-based platform keeps your data safe & accessible
  • Pick your own processor to get the lowest rates
  • Simple and intuitive User Interface (UI) for faster service
  • Easy to train new employees
  • “Always On” mode guarantees your business never loses any sales due to an Internet outage
  • Open API for customization
  • Integrated CRM